Digital OOH

Poland / Warsaw

An advertising campaign that starts in an hour. A message that is easy to change or replace.
Respond in real time to the weather, the time of day, or any change in the surroundings.


Just try and check how easy it can be.

MyLED is an online platform to make whole process of planning and realizing a DOOH campaign just as easy as that can be.

MyLED is a network of digital advertising screens in 186 cities in Poland. It integrates DOOH screens in urban areas and public places, supermarkets, shopping malls, or train stations into a coherent network, thanks to which a digital advertising campaign can be planned and implemented in a few minutes.

Take the Marszalkowska Street or the Jerozolimskie Avenue in Warsaw – you could not be more in city center than there!
Thanks to MyLED Warsaw we have now enlarged our out of home offer.
Static or dynamic, matching the context, up to date with the current events, and in the the most apprioprate time.

This can be your message in a place that everyone knows. With 300,000 people passing by every day, the Marszalkowska Street and DTC are just perfect.
6 screens of 6.3 sq m – all this for you to stand out from the crowd right in the heart of Warsaw.

The Zawiszy Square LED screen is located in the Jerozolimskie Avenue, near the Raszynska Street. It has 9 sq m and an audience of 67,517 people a day.





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