12×4 m billboards

The largest format of standard OOH advertising. Over 400 billboards all over Poland. Large, visible, and effective.

The largest network of standard OOH billboards in Poland.

The Motorway 12×4 advertisements are the only network in Poland organized this way. Motorway 12×4 m means over 400 billboards in the largest format typical for outdoor advertisements (12×4, 48 sqm), forming the only standard media at motorways and fast roads, located in the places with the heaviest traffic in Poland.

Billboardy MotorWAY

There are 845 billboards of this format in Poland, 405 of which belongs to Jet Line (as of 2020).
Motorway 12×4 m locations are selected based on traffic volumes. Thanks to this, we know the number of drivers and passengers potentially having contact with the content on advertising boards every day. This is an attractive target group: dynamic, professionally active people.

Our Campaigns

Mercedes G 0:44

Motorway 12×4 m for a Mercedes campaign / June 2018.

Audi 0:29

Motorway 12x 4 m for the MediaCom media house / September 2015.

Volvo 0:30

Motorway 12x 4 m for the Mindshare media house / September 2015.

Motorway 12×4 m

the best network of OOH advertisements in Poland


billboards in Poland

Locations for Motorway 12×4 m boards are carefully selected. The traffic intensity where they are located is 25,071 vehicles per day.


Technical condition

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Technical condition

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